Netflix Luther NY and LA Campaign - Billboard

Project partners: Creative/Print - Midnight Oil Agency. LA install - McDaniel. NY Install - Outfront.

Adams Outdoor Heart - Billboard

Backlit Car Wrap

Lit car wrap with our Media White Light Tape panels. Perfect for advertising, accent lighting, or branding. J.R. Dickerson "The Sinister Camaro" YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Website:

Army Of The Dead - Advertisement and Promotional Billboards

Atlanta Hawks - Billboard

The Man In The High Castle - Billboard

The Little Prince - Billboard

MAC Cosmetics Bus Advertisement

Our Glacier White Light Tape® panels were the perfect solution to emphasize the MAC logo on this bus.

Bus Shelter

Our .5" Classic Glacier White Light Tape® strips used as a secondary light to help visibility of this bus shelter. Light Tape® is frequently used in this application, as it can be seen in low visibility like fog.

Converse Bus - Los Angeles

Tron Billboard

Ninja Turtles Billboard

Target Billboard

In collaboration with Circle Graphics.

Paranorman - Billboard

In collaboration with Circle Graphics.

McDonalds - Earth Day

Jeep- Billboard

Day/night execution in collaboration with Circle Graphics.

Hercules Billboard

First Bank - Insomniac Billboard

Bus Shelter - Michigan

Bus Shelter - Chicago

In collaboration with Circle Graphics.

Greater Richmond Transit - Virginia

Black Lightning Billboard

Allstate Billboard

In collaboration with Circle Graphics.

Metro Stop Backlighting

Lighted billboard with white lighted text advertising Spiderman at night

Amazing Spiderman Billboard - L.A. CA

This billboard is truly a site to behold. During the day, our hero overlooks the city. At night, his greatest battle begins. To achieve this backlit billboard we integrated Light Tape® and novel printing techniques into traditional out-of-home methods. In collaboration with Circle Graphics.

Fat Dragon Restaurant - Richmond, VA