Applications StepGuard™ Egress & Step Lighting

StepGuard™ wayfinding, stair nosing, and accent lighting solutions, all evenly illuminated by Light Tape® no-glare electroluminescent lighting.

Make the switch from hazy LEDs to StepGuard™ powered by Light Tape® Electroluminescent (EL) Lamps

StepGuard™ with Light Tape® offers illuminated solutions with no glare or light pollution. Change the way you think about step, wall, and aisle lighting for theaters, auditoriums, and lecture halls by using electroluminescent (EL) lighting. From egress lighting to wall guidance or walkway lighting StepGuard™ is commonly utilized in commercial venues but is also perfect for your home theater.

Discover StepGuard™ Egress & Step Lighting Products

We offer several StepGuard™ egress lighting and wayfinding lighting products including aisle lighting profiles and step lighting systems designed to meet the demands of theaters, performance venues, lecture halls, and auditoriums.

StepGuard™ lighting systems are easy to install and provide egress and wayfinding lighting with even illumination without hot spots for the safety and visibility of your space. In addition, when you get a StepGuard™ lighting system, we provide more than a safety lighting system—we also provide:

  • Installation guidelines to help your contractors
  • Training & support for your lighting system
  • Delivery to every corner of the world – we deliver your lighting system anywhere your theater, lecture hall, auditorium, or venue is located

Benefits of StepGuard™  Safety Lighting: An Egress & Wayfinding Lighting Solution

While most performance technology has vastly improved with the industry’s transformation over the years, egress, step, aisle, and wayfinding lighting for auditoriums, theaters, and performance venues has largely remained the same. Most safety lighting includes bulky metal extrusions with spotty lighting, hot spots, and limited curb appeal.  At Electro-LuminX™ Lighting Corporation, we’ve set out to change the status quo of safety lighting systems with our StepGuard™ lighting system. 

One of the major benefits of StepGuard™ safety lighting is that it does not cause light pollution. Our Light Tape® electroluminescent illumination technology is completely different from other lighting solutions. The lighting technology used in StepGuard™ lighting systems may appear bright to the eye, but the glow does not cast long distances. StepGuard™ safety lighting systems use electroluminescent lighting so the light is like a laser, very visible, but will not illuminate a room enough for reading. This provides an even and safe illumination in your space.

Electroluminescent Lighting Versus LED Lighting for Theaters, Lecture Halls, Church Stages, and Auditoriums

If you’re considering lighting your theater, lecture hall, auditorium, or stage with an LED light source, consider StepGuard™ lighting systems as an alternative. StepGuard™ is different from LEDs in a variety of ways, offering benefits that LED lighting does not offer. 

There are several downsides to LED lighting. While LEDs can have long lifetimes, LED bulbs leave spotty lighting as they rarely fade at the same rate. LEDs are a single-point light source so they are best designed to illuminate areas that need a task light such as a warehouse or office. StepGuard™ safety lighting uses our Light Tape® lighting product which employs electroluminescent lighting technology to produce a continuous coating of phosphors, to evenly illuminate an entire surface. 

Why electroluminescent lighting is better for theaters, lecture halls, church stages, and auditoriums:

  • Every inch of StepGuard™ safety step and egress lighting emits the same even light without producing any heat
  • A StepGuard™ lighting system always stays cool to the touch, which opens countless design options
  • Our electroluminescent light, Light Tape®, offers elegant, unobtrusive lighting – perfect for theater and stage lighting or auditorium and lecture hall lighting to illuminate step hazards and guide patrons to their seats

Learn more about the benefits of using Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting versus LED lighting for your commercial theater or auditorium venue.

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Give StepGuard™ safety lighting products a try and you will understand the difference electroluminescent lighting makes for safety and accent lighting in your space. If everything else in your cinema, church, performance venue, or auditorium benefits from the latest technology, why not have the best step, aisle, and hallway lighting? Contact us to try StepGuard™ safety lighting products powered by Light Tape®.

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Frequently Asked Questions About StepGuard™ Aisle & Step Lighting

How are StepGuard™ safety lighting systems different from other safety lighting systems?
  • Rapid Installation of Lighting

Installation of StepGuard™ lighting systems into your theater or auditorium setting is easy. StepGuard™ arrives ready to install, all that’s needed is a drill and a screwdriver. Customers report over a 50% reduction in installation time and cost with StepGuard™. Power for StepGuard™ lighting can be remotely located, and one transformer can illuminate an entire theater.

  • Unmatched Durability

With StepGuard™ lighting for venues and theaters, the end caps don’t fall off and the light system never fails. StepGuard™ is a completely integrated aluminum extrusion line that is assembled mechanically with screws and does not use hot glue.  StepGuard™ safety lighting does not come apart, and virtually no maintenance is needed after installation.

  • Dimmable Lighting that is DMX Compatible

StepGuard™ lighting brightens from dim to zero without any flicker. The StepGuard™ lighting system has completely seamless integration with any control system. Light Tape® can light your StepGuard™ lighting system for 40,000 hours and never get hot, making it a perfect safety lighting solution for theaters, auditoriums, and venues.

  • Energy Efficient System with Light Tape® Inside

When you Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting for your StepGuard™ lighting system, you’re utilizing the most energy efficient lighting system available, Light Tape® can cut energy cost by 70%.

  • Top Quality Commercial Lighting

Light Tape® is built with pride in the USA utilizing the best materials and manufactured to last. StepGuard™ light system extrusions and accessories make a great lighting product even better. Learn more about our product details and accessories in the StepGuard™ design guide.

  • No On-Screen Glare, Even Illumination

StepGuard™ utilizes Light Tape® to create the luminaire. When using Light Tape® with your StepGuard™ system it is non-glare and does not have hot or cold spots at any size offering a completely uniform light source without the need for diffusion. Light Tape® is extremely visible like a laser, yet does not cast light on your screen like a common LED.

Why should you include some level of lighting inside a theater or performance venue setting?

There are obvious safety concerns in commercial theaters and auditoriums due to the limited light for egress navigation.  Low level lighting also creates a nice, comfortable environment to relax and enjoy a movie, performance, or speaker. As a viewer, you require some low-level light inside a theater or auditorium to prevent trips and falls. Having your customers’ safety is of the utmost importance so they keep coming back to your theater or venue. Not having proper safety lighting can lead to legal action and expensive litigation in a commercial theater or public auditorium environment. Some lighting is also optimal for the performance or theater viewing experience.

What is the biggest contributor to light pollution in theaters and auditoriums?

The largest contributor today to light pollution in theaters and auditoriums is LED light sources.  LEDs are a single point light source, emitting a very intense light forward.  LEDs were not invented to be a low-level accent light, but to replace incandescent illumination sources traditionally used for task lighting.  It is very difficult to control the cast light from an LED, even with cleverly designed profiles.  Any visible light emitted from LEDs, such as the top of the step, shines to the ceiling and screen which causes glare and obstructs the view of the movie or performance.

If LEDs cause light pollution, why are they being used?

Like in any industry, there are advances in technology at usually different paces.  The last innovation in the cinema industry before high-definition cameras of today was LED lighting.  LEDs were supposed to last forever with uniform lighting and low energy.  Turns out that LEDs fail at different rates with bulbs fading at varying times which is visually unappealing for a safety and accent light.  They also get very hot and produce a glare. As camera technology advanced, the excess light from LEDs has become obtrusive and unwanted.

How do you prevent light pollution inside theaters?

The easiest way to prevent light pollution in theaters is to eliminate the use of LEDs. For years, LEDs have been the preferred solution for illumination but are falling out of favor to electroluminescent lighting which has seen tremendous advances in technology. The second way to reduce light pollution is the design of the profile which can guide the light to the proper surface or viewing angle.

Why is Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting better suited than LEDs for theaters?

Light Tape® is an electroluminescent light source that is uniformly coated with phosphors resulting in perfectly even illumination.  It is very visible and produces clean light like a laser. Light Tape® is flat and only shines on one plane, thus is much easier to control cast light. LEDs are light emitting diodes and single point light sources.  LEDs have gaps in illumination, appear spotty without significant diffusion and loads of space. Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting also saves on installation time, typically taking 60-70% less time to install due to the plug and play configuration of Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting systems.

Who makes Light Tape® electroluminescent lamps?

Electro-LuminX®  Lighting Corporation manufactures Light Tape® electroluminescent lamps and also the Smart Driver™ power systems that are digitally controllable. We manufacture Light Tape® in the United States employing our novel patented technologies. We are the only company in the world that manufactures both the light source and a wide array of mounting profiles.

Where is lighting generally utilized in a theater and why?

There are three areas where one would normally find lighting inside a theater venue.  The steps of the theater are important to light from a safety standpoint to illuminate the steps to help theater guests navigate the theater. Theater walkways also commonly have a down light or guide to help you enter the venue; typically a cast light a meter high or so to the ground.  The last area theaters need lighting is usually the walls to provide low level light but also to improve the ambiance and cinematic experience. The StepGuard™ theater lighting system can also be linked to your emergency system for additional lighting safety.

What solutions does Electro-LuminX® Lighting Corporation offer?

When it comes to steps,  our StepGuard™ profiles lead the way in step lighting and egress lighting with a wide array of illuminated extrusions. Our StepGuard™ WallGuide™ wayfinding solutions help light aisles, rows, and pathways with the perfect balance of elegance and illumination. Our StepGuard™ Ambiance™ wall accent lighting system offers seamless soft graze illumination with no heat and completely uniform illumination.

When it comes to steps,  our StepGuard™ profiles lead the way in step lighting and egress lighting with a wide array of illuminated extrusions. Our StepGuard™ WallGuide™ wayfinding solutions help light aisles, rows, and pathways with the perfect balance of elegance and illumination. Our StepGuard™ Ambiance™ wall accent lighting system offers seamless soft graze illumination with no heat and completely uniform illumination.

Our StepGuard™  45 is the most popular step lighting profile offered at the moment, with the light source at a 45-degree angle. Light pollution is not a problem when StepGuard™ is designed with Light Tape® inside. Light Tape® offers a true continuous linear light source. There is no attenuation or fading along the length. Light Tape® provides totally integrated lighting control working with the end user’s dimming system. The benefit enables us to design solutions to fit branding and not worry about unwanted light wash. Our StepGuard™ AE is designed for IMAX theaters offering solely a downlight.  We offer many other step lighting and egress lighting solutions and profiles as part of our StepGuard™ lighting systems, please take a look at our design guide for more specs and information.

What makes the StepGuard™ Ambiance™ series different from today’s accent light?

Direct view is where the Light Tape® technology really comes into play in the StepGuard™ Ambiance™ series. With no light pollution, there are so many degrees of freedom with respect to design. The StepGuard™ Ambiance™ series can operate 100 foot sections with just one connection, one power supply, and no break in light. Installation is simple too, quickly install the base mount and slide in the continuous section of Light Tape®, Unlike LED solutions like SlotLine that are modular 4 foot sections with dozens of potentially spotty LED bulbs with excess heat and additional power supplies.

Who are some of the other step lighting suppliers to the theater industry?

There are several other companies out there that offer theater lighting solutions.  In the US, Tempo and Tivoli have been around for a long time, these companies predominantly produce and buy materials from China and assemble them to order.  In Europe, Gradus and MondoColor lead the way; their expertise is in aluminum extrusions and not lighting.  With the variable quality of LEDs in the marketplace, it’s hard to know what batch you will get. LED binning is limited and along with the LED lights fading over time individually, you will never get a color match. This is why electroluminescent lighting with seamless lighting without glare offers the solution to those lighting issues. Contact us to get a sample and see the difference in using StepGuard™ lighting systems with Light Tape® instead.

How is installing StepGuard™ different than the solutions offered by LED lighting suppliers?

StepGuard™ is delivered to the site, venue or theater ready for installation.  The only action required for installation of StepGuard™ is to screw down the profile and insert the anti-slip rubber insert to cover the screws. Where LED suppliers typically deliver as parts and the lighting profile is cut and assembled on site.  Generally, the entire assembly is held together by loads of glue which is expensive and can look sloppy when finished. StepGuard™ looks clean when installed and as it arrives at the site ready, the installation is easy.

When using a StepGuard™ lighting system, how do I wire and control the lights in my venue?

Our Smart Driver™ power supplies are capable of running an entire venue with just one energy supply.  The steps are connected in parallel with one main wire going back to the power supply.  The power supply can then be controlled by the camera system, via DMX or 0-10vdc dimming protocols.  The ability of our StepGuard™ lighting system to have one power supply to operate large zones helps tremendously with wiring and power drop costs.

Do you have the IECEE certification for KSA?

Yes, we are IECEE certified at Electro-LuminX™ Lighting Corporation. At the moment, we are the only company that has completed the rigorous certification process.  A big part of that process is to ensure final products are delivered ready for installation.  For the full IECEE certification, you must deliver a completed lighting fixture for safety, no longer will you be able to cut and assemble lighting systems on site which removes error in the field.

How does pricing StepGuard™ with Light Tape® compare to an LED system?

We at Electro-LuminX™ Lighting Corporation are the only company that not only makes the lighting extrusion and profiles but also the light source; our electroluminescent light, Light Tape®. We also deliver a fully assembled lighting system ready for installation for around $100 a meter depending on volume.  Where LED systems are usually offered in parts for the same price then assembled on-site, increasing the installation costs by 75% compared to systems using Light Tape® as the light source.

How can  I sample the StepGuard™ lighting system?

Simply send us an email at or give us a call.  We can walk through options and have sample kits available based on your lighting needs.

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The StepGuard™ lighting system is built to order and supplied as a complete plug-n-play package which can be installed efficiently and with complete ease. Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation is the only company in the world that manufactures both the light source, Light Tape®, and the lighting profile, StepGuard™.

About StepGuard™ Step and Egress Lighting Systems by Electro-LuminX™ Lighting Corporation

Electro-LuminX™ Lighting Corporation is based in the United States. We are the dedicated developer and manufacturer of Light Tape® electroluminescent lighting; making our lighting applications and products in the United States. The StepGuard™ safety lighting system was methodically developed after years and iterations of field testing. The StepGuard™ lighting system is the only solution where the manufacturer not only makes the lighting profile but also makes the light source which is our electroluminescent light product, Light Tape®. Our involvement in the creation of both the light and lighting profile results in a complete lighting solution that is not only elegant, but a tremendous value. The StepGuard™ lighting system is ideal for cinemas, auditoriums, and any venue where safety is paramount.

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