How LightTape works

LightTape employs a completely different technology to traditional LED’s.

It’s comprised of a radically distinctive and patent-protected form of electroluminescent technology, and exists in the form of ultra-low-profile, lightweight panels and strips that seamlessly and evenly illuminate from edge to edge.

Compared to alternative EL technologies, nothing comes close to the quality of LightTape. We use only the best materials to deliver an amazing performance, with a completely unique manufacturing process that delivers a lamp that’s built to last and able to withstand the toughest applications.

Patented Tech

Rear Electrodes

Novel Chemistry

Light Tape®’s one-of-a-kind chemistry is protected by numerous patents. Our material’s layers are bonded at the chemical level, producing a brighter, more durable lighting source. Light Tape® is a true solid state system.

Other EL producers simply glue the rear electrode to the material, which easily separates with flexing or temperature changes, leading to electrical failure.


A diagram of the first layer in the construction of Light Tape®

Made To Last

Dielectric Insulation

Unprecedented Lifetimes

We are producing a lamp that has truly been manufactured to last, able to withstand the toughest applications.

Light Tape® is manufactured in the United States under strict quality control standards. Our proprietary manufacturing methods create an electroluminescent light source unlike any other in the world.


A diagram of the second layer in the construction of Light Tape®

Patented Tech

High Bright Phospor

Best Materials

Only the best phosphors and conductive materials are used in Light Tape®. The combination produces a brighter, more durable light that uses less energy.

Other EL products are often manufactured using low grade phosphors and poor conductive materials resulting in nonuniformity of brightness and much shorter lifetimes.


A diagram of the third layer in the construction of Light Tape®


Light Emitting Transparent Electrode

Zero Glare, 100% Light

Light Tape® is an incredibally efficient flat accent light, with a completely uniform illuminated surface.
Other light sources, like LEDs, directionally emit light with a great deal of the desired light either wasted or diffused in order to accomplish even illumination.

When comparing the surface brightness of an accent light, there is nothing more efficient than Light Tape®.

A diagram of the fourth layer in the construction of Light Tape®

Colors to Suit Nearly Every Occasion

Color Filter w/UV Protection

Color Options

Our base colors are the Classic Natural Blue and Extreme Blue-Green. These colors appear white when off and lightly colored when illuminated. We then add filters to produce alternative color options.

Our Media White and Glacier White colors are perfect for backlighting and applications requiring white, unfiltered light, these will appear lightly colored when switched off.

Our remaining range of colors will retain their vibrance when not illuminated so you don’t lose the desired effect even when it’s switched off, perfect for branding and advertising.

A diagram of the fifth layer in the construction of Light Tape®

Thin & Flexible Light Source

Encapsulating Barrier

Heavy load capable, vibration and impact resistant. Able to withstand high physical impact and still illuminate.

Thinner than a credit card and nearly a meter wide, Light Tape® can fit into any tight area and cover any surface with ease.

A diagram of the sixth layer in the construction of Light Tape®