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The smart
alternative to LED

Even Illumination

No hot or cold spots at any size, a uniform light source up to 762mm wide, without the need for diffusion.

Thin & Flexible

Thinner than a credit card and up to a meter wide. LightTape fits into tight areas and can flow over any surface easily.

Easy Installation

Flexible illumination of 45 meters or more with a single connection. Cuts your installation time by 75%.

Unmatched Durability

Heavy load capable, vibration and impact resistant. Able to withstand high physical impact and still illuminate. 

More Energy Efficient

LightTape® uses 40% less power than traditional LEDs at equal brightness.

Custom-Cut Shapes

Illuminate non-symmetrical shapes with an ultra-thin, uniform light source. Allow your creativity to determine your lights design.

Made in the USA

Top quality, built with pride utilizing the best materials and manufactured to last.

No Heat

Unlike LEDs, LightTape® can run for 40,000 hours and never get hot. Plus operates in extreme temperatures.