StepGuard™ Stair, Wayfinding, and Accent Lighting Systems

Step, aisle, row, and wall illumination are our specialties.

Built to order, supplied as a complete plug-n-play package which can be installed efficiently and with complete ease, the Light Tape® StepGuard™ System is built for safety but designed for elegance. The only company in the world that manufactures both the light source and the profile.

Meet us in person this year! We will be exhibiting at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April, CineEurope in Barcelona in June, and META Cinema Forum in Dubai in October.

Backlighting Surfaces

Say goodbye to bulky light boxes and hotspots. Perfect for backlighting countertops like onyx or quartzite.
Complete installations in a quarter of the time. Roll out the Light Tape on a counter top, or stick it to the wall and apply your translucent material. It’s that easy!

Outdoor Advertising

Completely customizable to suit a multitude of campaigns, whether it be retail environments, mobile engagements, exhibitions or art installations.

Light Tape provides crisp, clear and ultra-low profile illumination with zero light pollution.

Don’t obstruct your brand with inferior lighting options, impressions count!

Brand Experience

Focus your customers’ attention to exactly where it counts. No other lighting product can be installed as easily as Light Tape.

Compatible with just about any form of transportation and surface, its’ solid state technology has proven to be up for the harshest situations.

Your branded message will never look sharper.

Bespoke Applications

The perfect balance of functionality and form factor of Light Tape allows for elegant lighting integration.