The Benefits of Light Tape® over LEDs: Differences in Electroluminescence (EL) Versus LED Lighting

May 10, 2021

It may appear at first glance that Light Tape® is an LED light. In fact, LightTape is an electroluminescent light and differs from an LED light in many ways. Firstly, Light Tape®’s use of electroluminescent technology creates a uniform light that is convenient to install and stands the test of time so you spend more time enjoying your space and less time maintaining your lighting.  


Below are five ways that Light Tape® differs from LEDs and other lighting applications to help you achieve the lighting you want with no maintenance, hassle, or worry. 


1. Light Tape® Works With and Can Be Cut to Custom Shapes


Light Tape® differs from LEDs and other EL products in that it can come in long lengths and can be cut to custom shapes to be used wherever you’d like. It is also flexible and can bend around curved surfaces. If you want to light a rounded or cylindrical shape, Light Tape® has you covered. 


Ready to get started? Simply contact us and send us a file of the placement where you’d like your Light Tape® to be applied and we can custom cut it to fit your needs and account for any necessary gaps for faucets, outlets, or otherwise. 


2. Light Tape® Provides Uniform Lighting


Due to the way the light phosphors work, Light Tape® provides even lighting across a surface whether the area you want to light is a small or large area. For you, this makes for an evenly lit countertop, accent lighting or backdrop that isn’t spotty. 


3. Light Tape® Does Not Generate Heat


Light Tape® does not generate heat like other types of lighting applications. Because there is no heat production, surfaces can be placed directly on top. With Light Tape® there is no need for light diffusion or a heat sink since the lighting surface is even and heat is not generated. 


4. Light Tape® Consumes Minimal Power


Light Tape® consumes a fraction of the energy of LEDs. When using Light Tape® for accent lighting, it consumes 1.1 watts per meter for a 2.54 centimeter width, at least one seventh of the energy consumption of LEDs that consume a minimum of 7 watts per meter for half the width.  Learn more about the differences in energy consumption between Light Tape® and other light products to see how you can save on energy by using Light Tape® for your lighting applications. 


5. Light Tape® is Easy to Install


Since Light Tape® can be cut to whatever shape you need while accounting for anything it needs to be cut around such as faucets or outlets, all you need to do to place it on a subsurface to lay Light Tape® across before placing the final surface on top; whether that final surface is countertop, glass or more. There is no need for any equipment such as a diffuser or otherwise between Light Tape® and the final surface. Learn more about the many surfaces that work well with LightTape here


Using Light Tape®’s electroluminescent EL technology has many benefits that set Light Tape® apart from LEDs. It can offer you the look that you’re after to enhance your bar, backsplash, counters, or elsewhere, without excess equipment or the worry of electrical hazards. With easy installation, seamless lines, no excess heat production, and the ability to cut and customize, you can have a reliable lighting accent with Light Tape® that achieves your vision in no time. 

See it for yourself and contact us to learn more about Light Tape®. If you are all ready to get your lighting set-up and ready to entertain this summer season, take a look at our lighting kits to get started enhancing your space with Light Tape®.